Electric Vehicles Series

The Ultimate Guide to Pros and Cons in 2021

Electric Vehicles, or EVs, are a charged (ahem) space. There is a spectrum from ‘Tesla fanboys’ to ‘oil company shills’ and everything in-between. Propaganda and misinformation for and against EVs are broadly shared online. I attempt a balanced, rational and critical look at the space to enable informed and intelligent decision-making. I’ve provided links to useful resources along the way, including primary sources and studies, videos, and articles to allow you to go as deep as you’d like.

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This is a long post! I dove into the research…

Security Course

Easily Build Both Security and Convenience Online

“Crackers” image by ‘elhombredenegro’

NOTE: Since posting this, I have launched a dedicated site for this course at https://sec.terminusfoundry.com. Please check it out there instead for all 7 lessons free!

You’re at the right place to understand the dangers of living online in the modern age. The dangers on our internet are huge and important to protect against. This can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t be and can even make life online easier.

I created this simple lesson plan to help you live a safer digital life. Even doing the first lesson, which will only take 10 minutes, can get you substantial security gains. I come at this from a perspective of having managed software teams delivering enterprise-grade software to multi-national corporations with a focus on security, and having assessed…

Could working in the fossil fuel industry be the best way to save our planet?

How Can Fossil Fuels Drive Environmentalism???

Burning of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas and coal) accounts for the vast majority of energy generated for human use. Regardless how fast their use declines and is replaced by other energy sources, it is important to minimize the environmental and other impacts due to the burning of fossil fuels during this phase of history where they will continue to be burnt. …

There is a recent trend of business leaders who say “we need to get AI in our business” to remain competitive, but this realization is only a first step. This post is designed to cut through some of the hype and buzz, and is intended to help technology decision makers with adopting a healthy data strategy and to thrive in a digital world.

I will show you a realistic approach to applying AI. AI can provide enormous competitive value, but treating it as a holy grail can lead a business to miss alternative analysis options.

Gartner releases this annual assessment of hype — Machine learning and Deep Learning are presently at the peak of inflated expectations

Problem 1 — Understand the Language

I see a lot of…

Rijks Museum Library in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The books that have impacted my life most

Yes, yes, yes, we all know reading is great, we know it makes us smart, well spoken, and it makes our parents and teachers happy. Yay!

That’s not what I’m writing this for. This is not designed to guilt you into doing something you know you should be doing. Instead, I just want to share a personal story of the books that have most impacted my life. I won’t go through the storylines or dissect plot points or review them, but rather will briefly highlight the ways these books affected me and why they hold an important space within me.

1. The Wall — Jean Paul Sartre [age 14]

A Thought Experiment: How blockchain technology could be leveraged for secure and easy voting in any election, with benefit to society.

Blockchain may sound like a technical and scary technology, but you don’t need to know how it works, rather what its advantages are. A blockchain is a decentralized and distributed ledger used to record transactions across many computers. In the context of this discussion, each transaction would be a citizen’s vote. The advantages of blockchains for voting are :

  • votes are confidential
  • votes are verifiable
  • votes are secure
  • votes are immutable (can’t be changed)


Today elections have many issues:

A Tool To Unlock Value While Travelling

Travel alters perspective. It disrupts worldview, increases knowledge and empathy, and I believe it makes a person better. This is not a guide on how to learn a language or how to hack travel in general. Instead, these are some thoughts on the value of spending real energy learning and applying the common language of a place you are visiting.

Affect Your First Impression

Just as at home, when you interact with someone they subconsciously assess you and apply labels. This starts right from when you first wander up to them and is heavily influenced by how you speak to them. If you barge…

Wellness and balance are words that are thrown around a lot. People want to achieve work life balance, or balance between their partner and alone time, or balance between being in the city and being in nature. They want to achieve physical wellness, mental wellness and spiritual wellness. However, by setting up your expectations in this competitive way, it becomes a question of sacrifice, when really the conversation should be shifted to simply maximizing wellness and balance, with no qualifiers.

wellness + balance over time when making future plans and large self-improvement initiatives

All of us know exactly the feeling of being unbalanced or unwell. Fewer may know the feeling…

Devon Sydney

Tech entrepreneur, with an aim to change the energy industry.

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